2017 Street Maintenance & Collection Systems ....
Event Start Date & Time: 10/24/2017  9:30 AM
Event End Date & Time: 10/26/2017  11:30 AM

Venue :

Best Western Agate Beach
3019 N Coast Hwy
Newport , OR , 97365

Contact Person :

Peggy McCormick
Email : cameopeg@gmail.com
Phone : (541) 994-3201
Company : Cameo Management Solutions Inc.
Title : Exhibits / Registration Coordinator

Description :

Bookmark this page and watch the plans unfold for the Fall Short School!


Security Threat Awareness and Response
Anthony Kollias, Clackamas County Sheriff

This class will be taught in three blocks:
Block 1 of the class will focus on awareness and is specifically designed to change the mindset of students from thinking violence may never occur to a mindset where they believe it's entirely possible. 
Block 2 of the class will focus on identifying violent persons within our span of control before they act out.
Block 3 of the class will focus on how to survive a violent encounter.

You won't want to miss this General Session!


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