SMCS - Road Scholars

Roads Scholar Program

The Roads Scholar program consists of maintenance related training sessions offered by the Oregon T2 Center. Level 1 includes ten core classes, RS-1 through RS-10, and the Level 2 program includes eight core classes, RS-11 through RS-18, six hours each.

More information about the Roads Scholar program is available by visiting the T2 Center website at:

RS-3 Paving Materials (Tony Jobanek, Oregon T2 Center / Darrell Randall, Retired)

This is a required core class for those in the RS Level 1 program. Introduction to key properties of aggregates and the various binders available in order to produce good paving material.

RS-15 Roadway Safety Fundamentals 2 (Mojie Takallou, University of Portland)

This is a required class for those in the Roads Scholar Level 2 program.  The class introduces roadway safety fundamentals by exploring a variety of topics that include crash data, the ODOT highway safety program, tort liability, risk management, speed limits, traffic control devices and pavement markings.

RS-4 Environmental BMPs 1 (Janet Oatney, Retired)

This is a required core class for those in the RS Level 1 program.  Class covers an overview of Best Management Practices available to minimize the impact of maintenance activities on water quality.


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