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Spring Conference Sets RecordCall for Conference PresentationsChapter Award Applications Due
ROADeo Winners NamedBeaverton Earns AccreditationStormwater Symposium
Spotlight on ScholarsMeet Water Resources CommitteePWX in Seattle September 8-11

President's Message

It is already June and it feels like the year just started. I am told that time moves faster the longer we stick around, but I think it also moves faster when there is a lot going on. 

Public works seems to be incredibly busy everywhere I turn. Roads are closed all over the place for repairs and upgrades and we are just at the beginning of the paving season, and then there are all the other projects including subdivisions, commercial developments, pipe lines, fire stations and more. This is on top of operation and maintenance as well as emergency response efforts due to heavy snow and rain this year.  Everyone I talk to is loaded to the gills and looking for help. Where are all those elusive potential employees?

APWA has been busy too.  We had our second annual ROADeo in March at the newly extended Street Maintenance and Collection System school held in Eugene that went over very well. Winners were invited to attend and compete at the National Conference to be held this September in Seattle. Of course there have been other events such as the spring conference in Bend, Engineers Week, National Public Works Week, participation in the Green Transportation Summit and Exposition, and much more.  

Several folks have stepped up to take new positions within APWA. Matt Emlen from Trane volunteered to be the sustainability committee chair, and Jue Zhao of Salem will be moving into the chair for the Water Resource Committee this summer. If you have interest in either committee I am sure they would like to hear from you. Tony Roos has taken on the role of advocacy ambassador to National APWA with Tim Blackwood as his back-up.

With everything that is going on, teamwork becomes even more important.  And so, more thoughts from the former UCLA basketball coach John Wooden:

  • Use strength quietly
  • Leadership is balance
  • Every player counts
  • Stay with those that share the ball
  • Let them do the job
  • No leader has all the answers

With that, have a wonderful summer, and see you at the upcoming conferences and events. Feel free to contact me, or any of the officers or board members if you have ideas or thoughts for APWA.

Gordon Munro, 2019 Chapter President

Spring Conference Sets Record

The chapter's 2019 spring conference once again drew record numbers! A whopping 188 delegates and 100 representatives from 55 companies made the trek to Bend and enjoyed beautiful weather, good food, and networking with peers at Riverhouse on the Deschutes. 

Oregon APWA offered a warm welcome to National President-Elect Bill Spearman and his wife Molly, who traveled across the country to attend and participate.

An interesting and fun twist for conference goers was the photo contest, with winners selected based on the number of “likes” a photo had at a given point during the conference. HHPR won 1000 Gizmo votes and Barbara Blair won a gift certificate towards registration fees for the fall conference in Hood River.  

A highlight of the Thursday banquet was the Gizmo competition. Doug Singer from the City of Eugene took home the award, but the big winners are Oregon college students because every dollar of the $11,000 raised at the conference goes to the chapter's scholarship fund.

More fun facts about the spring conference
View an album of spring conference photos

ROADeo Included in Extended Spring School

It's usually called the "short" school but the 2019 Street Maintenance and Collection Systems School held in Eugene in April was truly "extended." Along with a full slate of classes and technical trainings, an extra day was added for the chapter's second annual ROADeo competition. 

Students had the option of competing on a backhoe, excavator, or a skidsteer. All equipment was sponsored by Pape’ and Peterson Equipment, who also donated prizes for first-place category winners. Overall competition winners received a commemorative belt buckle and a stipend from APWA-Oregon to attend and compete at the APWA National ROADeo Competition at PWX in Seattle in September. 

ROADeo winners were:

  • Overall Competition - 1st Place, Justin Kivett from Washington County
  • Overall Competition - 2nd Place, Derek Johnson from City of Tigard.
  • Backhoe Competition - 1st Place: Justin Kivett, Washington County
  • Excavator Competition - 1st Place: Derek Johnson, City of Tigard
  • Skidsteer Competition - 1st Place: Denis Kenny, City of Medford

More information about technical trainings

Call for Presentations at 2019 Fall Conference

By Jenifer Willer, Education Committee Chair

The call for presentations for the 2019 Oregon APWA Chapter Fall Conference is now open. The conference takes place October 22-25 in Hood River. Abstracts for technical session presentations are due July 1, 2019.

To provide a diverse conference program, we are targeting approximately two to four sessions from each of the following categories:

  • Emergency Management
  • Leadership and Management (Including communications and public engagement)
  • Public Works Technology
  • Sustainability
  • Transportation
  • Water Resources 
  • Water / Wastewater
  • Local topics (which could fall into any category) to the Columbia Gorge

Please submit your speaker and topic information using the online Google form.  

Once the July 1 deadline has passed, the submissions will be reviewed by the chapter's technical and conference planning committees, and notification of the acceptance of abstracts will be made in late July.

Don’t be shy in providing more than one presentation; it's great to have many diverse topics to consider. If you have any questions, please contact me at JWiller@eugene-or.gov.  The committees and I look forward to seeing your great technical presentation ideas.


Beaverton Achieves APWA Accreditation 

In March, APWA National announced that the Beaverton Public Works Department has received full APWA accreditation. This accreditation formally verifies and recognizes that the agency is in full compliance with the recommended management practices set forth in APWA’s Public Works Management Practices Manual. 

The purpose of accreditation is to promote excellence in the operation and management of a public works agency, its programs and employees.  Accreditation is designed to assist the agency in continuous improvement of operations and management, and in providing a valid and objective evaluation of agency programs as a service to the public and the profession.

Formally awarded the prestigious accreditation by APWA’s Accreditation Council, the Beaverton Public Works Department now becomes the 153rd agency in North America to be awarded APWA Accreditation, and the fourth agency in the State of Oregon. In addition to Beaverton, accredited agencies in Oregon include Bend, Eugene and West Linn.

Open to all governmental agencies with responsibilities for public works functions, initial accreditation from APWA is for a four-year period, during which time semi-annual updates will be required to demonstrate continuing compliance. After that time, there is a re-accreditation process which builds on the original accreditation, encouraging continuous improvement and compliance with newly identified practices.

APWA’s accreditation process includes five major steps:

  • Self-Assessment: Using the Public Works Management Practices Manual, an internal review of an agency’s practices combined with a comparison of the recommended practices contained in the manual;
  • Application: Once the decision has been made to commit to the Accreditation Program, the agency submits a formal application;
  • Improvement: After the agency has completed the self-assessment and identified areas needing improvement, the agency will work to bring all practices into an acceptable level of compliance with the recommended practices;
  • Evaluation: Following the completion of the improvement phase, the agency will request a site visit. The site visit will consist of a review and evaluation of the agency to determine the level of compliance with all applicable practices.
  • Accreditation: The Accreditation Council will review the site visit results and recommendation from the team, voting to award or deny accreditation. 

For more information about APWA Accreditation, contact APWA Accreditation Manager, Tracy Quintana at tquintana@apwa.net, or (816) 595-5294.

Meet Your Water Resources Committee (WRC)

Editor's note: This is a continuing series of articles about Oregon APWA's committees. View Committee Central for the full list of chapter committees, and decide which ones you'd like to become active in.

The WRC has been an active committee in Oregon since 2006. We promote and provide training opportunities on water resources issues. Committee members are experts in all aspects of water, wastewater, reuse and stormwater.

We promote water resource topics for inclusion in our conferences and have regular presentation on water resource topics. Meetings are typically held in downtown Portland but we also use online meeting tools so that APWA members can participate from their offices. We are always looking for new members to bring new ideas and energy.

Shannon Williams, PE, Lead Engineer, WSP USA and the outgoing WRC Committee chair: "I have developed long-lasting friendships and met new ones. I have also had the great opportunity to learn more about the interesting and challenging projects we work on in the PNW."
Doug Singer, PE, CSM, Principal Civil Engineer, Public Works Engineering, City of Eugene: "The benefits of being on the APWA WR committee is learning from and passing on information to other professionals. And we have fun!"
Ashley Cantlon, PE, Senior Water Resources Engineer | Project Manager, Otak, Inc.: "The WRC has allowed me to stay informed about water resource issues in the PNW while growing my network. It is fun, informing and challenging."

Membership News

Ruiz Receives Life Membership

Jon Ruiz became the City Manager for Eugene in April 2008 but spent much of his career in public works.  As the Public Works Director in Ogden Utah, Jon oversaw the city’s infrastructure preparations for the 2002 Winter Olympics.  Following the Games, Ruiz served as the public works director and assistant city manager for the City of Fresno, California.   

Jon’s involvement in APWA includes serving on Chapter Boards, Chairing the Colorado Snow and Ice Conference, presenting at national conferences, participating on numerous chapter committees and serving as President of the Central California Chapter. In 1999, Ruiz was selected as an APWA Top 10 Leader. 

Ruiz received an MBA from the University of Colorado and attended Harvard’s JFK School of Government Senior Executives Program. Jon is a retired U.S. Army Colonel.

Members who meet any one of the following requirements are eligible for Life membership:

  • continuous membership for 30 years
  • continuous membership for 20 years and age 70
  • continuous membership for 20 years, age 65 and fully retired from active service for which compensation is received
  • it is also possible for any individual who has been a member continuously for 10 years to be designated a Life Member by special action of the board of directors in recognition of outstanding service to the Association

In addition to the benefits received as an individual member, annual membership dues, and any applicable chapter dues, are waived for Life Members.


Benefits of APWA Membership

By Leslie Finnigan, Membership Committee Chair

If you are reading this newsletter there is a 99% chance you are already a member of the association but are you taking advantage of all of your membership opportunities?  Being a member is more than attending the conferences, or educational opportunities.  There are lots of opportunities to connect with others in the public works community, share ideas and reach out to solve problems or bounce ideas off of others in your field.

Our chapter has over 15 committees that would welcome your involvement.  Go to our website at www.oregon.apwa.net and open the tab for committees and find out all of the various areas and contacts that you can choose from to get involved.  While you are on the website, check out some of the other benefits membership offers, the connections tab puts you in contact with others in our chapter and nationwide.  It also has job postings. This is only available if you are a member.

From our website, you can get into the members library which offers prerecorded Click Listen & Learn (CLL), webinars, ebooks and podcasts.  These are such a benefit for members and you should take advantage.  

If you have any questions about membership, please contact me at lfinnigan@ufsrw.com or Barbara Blair at barbara.blair@3j-consulting.com.  We will be happy to help.

Oregon Chapter Adds 32 New Members

During the past three months the Oregon Chapter added 32 new members representing a broad range of local and state agencies, consultants, and equipment suppliers. If you know a new member or would like to greet someone you haven't met yet, contact them and say welcome to Oregon APWA.

Molly Awram, City of Portland - Transportation, (503) 823-5174, molly.awram@portlandoregon.gov
Justin Bernt, Local Agency Liaison, Oregon DOT, (503) 986-3317, Justin.j.bernt@odot.state.or.us
Shasta Billings-Beck, Sr Project Engineer, City of Tigard, (503) 718-2698, shastab@tigard-or.gov
Brian Cook, Project Engineer, Geotechnical Resources, Inc., (503) 641-3478, bcook@gri.com
Abby Driscoll, Local Agency Liaison, Oregon DOT, (541) 388-6064, abbey.driscoll@odot.state.or.us
Ian Eglitis, Utilities Supervisor, City of Wilsonville, (503) 682-8816, eglitis@ci.wilsonville.or.us
Sarah Ferguson, Murraysmith, sarah.ferguson@murraysmith.us
Nichole George, Project Manager, City of Tigard, (503) 718-2584, nicholeg@tigard-or.gov
Michelle Guckenheimer, Student, Portland State University, (503) 939-9665, mag7@pdx.edu
Harikd Hall, City of Bend, (541) 317-3000, hjhall@bendoregon.gov
Brett Hamrick, Engineering Assistant III, Deschutes County, (514) 388-2719, brett.hamrick@deschutes.org
Dan Houf, Harper Houf Peterson Righellis,  dan@hhpr.com
Richard Isett, Territory Mgr Portland Region, Pape Machinery, (503) 289-1103, risett@papemachinery.com
Adam Jensen, Street Supervisor, City of Tigard, (503) 718-2606, adamj@tigard-or.gov
David Knowles, Otak, (503) 415-2354, david.knowles@otak.com
Vu Mai, SEA, City of Portland - Transportation, (503) 823-1183, vu.mai@portlandoregon.gov
Aszita Mansor, City of Portland - Transportation, (503) 823-7677, aszita.mansor@portlandoregon.gov
Steve McNeil, Operations Coordinator, Clean Water Services, (503) 681-3600, mcneils@cleanwaterservices.org
Stephen McWilliams, Assoc Engineer, City of Milwaukie, (503) 786-7614, mcwilliamss@milwaukieoregon.gov
John Monaco, Allied Products Business Mgr, Pape Machinery, (541) 683-5073, jmonaco@papemachinery.com
Martin Montalvo, Operations Manager, City of Wilsonville, (503) 570-1560, montalvo@ci.wilsonville.or.us
Zachary Morris, Project Manager, City of Tigard, (503) 718-2467, zacharym@tigard-or.gov
Haakon Ogbeide, Civil Engineer, Oak Lodge Water Services District, (971) 413-0301, haakon@olwsd.org
Josh Oliver, City of Bend, (541) 317-3004, joliver@bendoregon.gov
Fred Ostler, Public Works Director, City of Troutdale, (503) 674-3300, fred.ostler@troutdaleoregon.gov
Christa Overby, Wastewater Treatment Mgr, City of Portland Environmental Svcs, 503-823-7918, christaoverby@portlandoregon.gov
Sang Pau, Engineer, City of Oregon City, (503) 974-5503, spau@orcity.org
Jason Rice, District Engineer, Oak Lodge Water Services District, (503) 353-4202, jason@olwsd.org
Jeremy Tamargo, Project Engineer, City of Oregon City, (971) 204-0423, jtamargo@orcity.org
Dalton Vodden, Associate Engineer, City of Milwaukie, (503) 786-7617, voddend@milwaukieoregon.gov
Jon Yamashita, Sr Project Surveyor, Otak, (503) 415-2354, jon.yamashita@otak.com
Christy Zellmer, Project Coordinator, City of Tigard, (503) 718-2468, Christinaz@tigard-or.gov


Spotlight on Scholars

Jonathan Wilson

George Fox University
Oregon APWA/Asphalt Paving Association of Oregon
Civil Engineering Scholarship

I am a junior civil engineering major at George Fox University. I am very grateful for being selected as a scholarship recipient. This is extremely helpful as I will be able to devote more attention and time to studying. 

I grew up in Milwaukie, Oregon and have been fascinated by mathematics and sciences all my life. During high school, I completed a number of IB courses, but the classes that intrigued me most were mathematics as well as physics. 

Nearing the end of my high school career, I began searching for a major, as well as a future career. As I looked more into engineering, I became intrigued. I have always been fascinated with structures, including bridges and large buildings, and the applicability of engineering caught my attention. It is amazing to think about how these large structures can withstand such immense loadings. As of now, I am most interested in structural engineering, however, civil engineering is such a broad discipline, and I plan to investigate other branches as well. 

I plan to finish my undergraduate degree at George Fox University, work in the field for a few years, and then return to school to get my master’s degree in one of the fields of civil engineering. My biggest goal with my future career is to make a difference to the lives of civilians, through design and planning. Part of what holds my attention with civil engineering is how broad the field is, and yet how people serving the works can be. I enjoy learning, and I look forward to continuing my education and furthering my understanding of civil engineering and its applications to everyday life.

Read more stories about recipients of Oregon APWA scholarships

Mark Your Calendar

Education and Trainings

Now is the time to get excited about your career in public works. The APWA Oregon Chapter has more education to offer in 2019 to meet or exceed your career goals, so register now. 

Oregon Chapter Fall Conference
Watch for registration to open in August.
October 22-25 (Tuesday - Friday) at Best Western Plus Hood River Inn in Hood River,
More information

Street Maintenance and Collection Systems Fall School
October 29-31 (Tuesday - Thursday) at Best Western Agate Beach Inn in Newport
Watch for registration to open in August
More information

Public Works Leadership
November 5-8 (Tuesday - Friday) at Surfsand Resort in Cannon Beach.
Register for this event. Only 8 spots left.

Public Works Essentials
December 10-13 (Tuesday - Friday) at the Holiday Inn Portland South in Wilsonville.
Register for this event. Only 12 spots left. 

Chapter Award Applications Due August 15

By Krey Younger, Awards Committee Chair

Submit your Oregon APWA Chapter award applications soon. The Chapter encourages its members to recognize the hard work performed by the men and women throughout Oregon who are designing, building, maintaining and operating the public works infrastructure and facilities that are vital to the success of our communities.

Please help with this recognition by submitting as many applications as possible.  There is no limit for agencies, consultants, or contractors with respect to the number of applications you can submit and the Awards Committee is looking forward to reviewing each and every application.

Applications are due no later than Thursday, August 15, 2019, with awards available in the following categories:

  • Project of the Year
  • Young Leader
  • Sustainable Practices
  • Everyday Heroes
  • Communications Excellence Award

All applications and additional information available on the chapter's 2019 awards application page.

Stormwater Symposium September 25-26

The Oregon Section of the American Society of Civil Engineers Environment and Water Resources Group (ASCE-EWRG) and the Oregon Chapter of the American Public Works Association (APWA) present the 7th Sustainable Stormwater Symposium at Castaway Portland in northwest Portland.

The purpose of the Sustainable Stormwater Symposium is to provide stormwater professionals an elevated understanding of current stormwater planning, design, and implementation approaches, as well as an opportunity to connect and mingle with others in the industry.

The EWRG-APWA Sustainable Stormwater Symposium has been providing educational and networking opportunities to local stormwater professionals since 2009. Attendees will be immersed in Portland’s sustainable culture, from the conference venue and catering at Castaway Portland, to the bike tour which will take you by Portland’s nationally recognized “green” infrastructure. This two-day event provides a full day of presentations by regional experts in all aspects of stormwater management. Day one is kicked-off by a nationally recognized keynote speaker, and capped-off with a happy hour and poster session. The second day continues in the morning with invited speakers and more informational sessions. After lunch, we strap on our bike helmets and spend the afternoon touring Portland’s latest innovative BMPs. Don’t have a bike? No problem, you can either rent one or jump in the 15-passenger van. The Symposium concludes with a happy hour event at the end of the bike tour and enjoying some local micro brews (or non-alcoholic beverages). 



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