Standard Specifications Committee

The Standard Specifications Committee works in partnership to develop complete, accurate, current, and tested standard construction specifications and drawings for use by public works agencies, consultants and contractors. The specifications will be useable as a "stand-alone" document for public agencies or private entities engaged in general Civil construction, or as a base document to use as a foundation to "build" on. The specifications will be straightforward enough to be used with confidence by persons with limited construction background, but comprehensive enough to be a valuable tool for larger organizations as well.

The Oregon Standard Specifications for Construction and the Oregon Standard Drawings have been developed through partnership between APWA and the Oregon Department of Transportation.

The Oregon Standard Construction Specifications Manual and Standard Drawings Manual can be ordered from ODOT.

The 2015 Oregon Standard Specifications for Construction book is now available.  ODOT has updated their web pages to include PDF versions of the 2015 book and to provide a link to the vendor who is selling and distributing the books.  The 2015 update is the product of two update processes. A portion of the revisions were drawn from updates ODOT accumulated since publishing the 2008 manual. The rest of the updates were developed by committees that worked intensively for six months on the asphalt paving, erosion control, pipe lining and signals and illumination sections. These committees included members from ODOT, APWA  and AGC.

General Conditions  for Local Agencies - The Spec Committee completed the Local Agency Section 100 General Conditions in 2014. This was a three-year project involving representatives from cities and counties and ODOT to modify the Part 100 General Conditions for local agency use. Although it was specifically prepared for certified local agencies constructing FHWA funded projects, it is easily and quickly adaptable for use by any local agency for everyday infrastructure projects. Non-certified agencies will still need to use the 100’s out of the regular manual when bidding projects through ODOT, however. At the current time, a link to the new Section 100 for Local Agencies document is on the Standard Specifications webpage, and can also be found at in both Word and pdf versions. You will also need to download the “Local Agency MFTP (2014)” as the two are companion documents—the MFTP lays out the quality standards and test methods for use by the Contractors and Agencies who are involved with a project that uses the Standard Specifications. Both the new Part 100 for Local Agencies and the Local Agency MFTP are good documents. Give them a try.

Water Main Specification Update – A complete update to the water main standard specifications and drawings was completed in 2014. This was an important project, as the 2015 update to the Standard Specifications did not include an update to the sections related to water mains and associated facilities. These specifications and drawings are currently under final review at ODOT. The Specifications will be available as Boilerplate Special Provisions at the ODOT Specs webpage early in 2015..

Ongoing Review of Proposed Specification Revisions - During discussions with ODOT staff leading up to kickoff of the 2015 specification manual update process, it was agreed that local agencies would be invited to participate in review of future proposed specification changes submitted as interim updates until the next manual is published. The committee chair receives proposed specification changes from ODOT and forwards these proposals to a group of city, county and consultant people for their review. This process will facilitate future major specification updates and better coordinate APWA and ODOT interests.

Contact Paul Klope if you are interested in working on any of the commmittee's current activities or have thoughts on other specifications issues.


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