Projects of the Year 2014

City of Eugene - Washington Jefferson (WJ) Skatepark - 2014 Project of Year - Less than $5M - Structures

WJ Skatepark + Urban Plaza is a large-scale park renovation project constructed in 2013 and 2014 in Washington Jefferson Park in downtown Eugene. The overall project area is approximately 1.5 acres in size and features a 23,000 sq. ft. skatepark under the cover of the ODOT-managed I-105 Bridge and associated right-of-way, making it the largest covered and lit outdoor public skatepark in the US. Additional key site renovations include construction of an urban plaza with steps and seating; wholesale replacement and renovation of the utility infrastructure including plumbing, irrigation, electrical and storm drainage; construction of a large new public restroom; and significant lighting and landscape upgrades to improve through-site visibility and safety.

The primary goals of the project were to construct a regional-scale covered and lit public skatepark; dramatically improve park safety; create a safe and vibrant cornerstone to the surrounding developing neighborhoods; and reactivate a 21-acre community urban park in the heart of Eugene. Washington Jefferson Park had long suffered a variety of social ills including homelessness, drug dealing and abuse, mental illness and violent behaviors. It had become a blight and was largely unused by general public for the last 20 years due it’s unsafe nature that was augmented by poor site visibility, a tucked away restroom, and overgrown vegetation. Since the skatepark has opened it is now visited daily by hundreds of wheel enthusiasts, observers, parents, families, and the general public. The plaza benches and an overlooking pedestrian bridge are typically packed with spectators soaking in the sights. The existing and adjoining covered basketball courts and horseshoe pits have seen a significant resurgence in use.

In addition, neighbors, businesses and the community at large continue to express their support and gratitude for the park renovation and the safety improvements it has brought to the area.

Agency:  City of Eugene
Consultant:  Mears Design Group, LLC
Design/Build Contractor:  Dreamland Skateparks, LLC
General Contractor:  2G Construction

Learn more about this project by viewing the project application available in an Adobe Acrobat format here or the award presentation slides here.  

City of Grants Pass - Reservoir No. 3 Replacement - 2014 Project of Year - Less than $5M - Environmental

The City of Grants Pass’ original 3.5 million gallon (MG) Reservoir No. 3 was constructed in the 1940s. During work in 2009, it was found to need critical repairs or replacement. After a thorough conditions assessment and review of repair and improvement options, full replacement of the reservoir was determined to be the most beneficial approach to balancing water system infrastructure needs, public safety, community benefit, and capital improvement funds. Murray, Smith & Associates, Inc. (MSA) completed feasibility analysis, preliminary designs, final designs, and construction management services for the City ‘s 5.0 MG Reservoir No. 3 Replacement project.

Agency:  City of Grants Pass
Consultant:  Murray, Smith & Associates, Inc.
Contractor:  Ward-Henshaw Construction, Inc.

Learn more about this project by viewing the project application available in an Adobe Acrobat format here  or the award presentation slides here.  

City of Portland - NW Thurman Street Bridge Rehabilitation - 2014 Project of Year - Less than $5M - Historical Restoration/Preservation

As the oldest intact bridge in Oregon, the NW Thurman Street Bridge was in critical need of modernization and rehabilitation. Wooden sidewalks caused many pedestrians to trip and slip during the wet Portland winters. Structural deck elements like wood stringers and deteriorating steel floor beams caused many potholes and cracks along the bridge deck surface. Furthermore, TriMet buses were forced to reduce their speed while crossing the bridge due to weight restrictions and significant shaking. Fire trucks were forced to make a 1 mile detour because of the weight restrictions. The NW Thurman Street Bridge Rehabilitation project goals were to:

  • Replace the critically deteriorated riveted steel and wood superstructure with new material capable of withstanding asphalt roads.
  • Lift the weight restriction by replacing the wood stringers and old floor beams with new steel elements. Corrugated steel deck panels were installed for the placement of the wearing surface.
  • Restore the historic significance by replacing the chain link fence installed in 1955 with a replication of the 1905 decorative pedestrian railing. The new railing was designed by referencing the 1905 shop drawings.
  • Provide safer pedestrian access by replacing the wooden sidewalk with textured aluminum planks.

Agency:  City of Portland
Contractor:  Cascade Bridge, LLC

Learn more about this project by viewing the project application available in an Adobe Acrobat format here or the award presentation slides here

City of Wilsonville - Morey's Landing Stormwater Outfall - 2014 Project of Year - Less than $5M - Disaster or Emergency Construction/Repair

Along the banks of the Willamette River in Wilsonville is the quiet Morey’s Landing community. Built in 1999, residents enjoy beautiful river frontage and private access to the river. Since the neighborhood was built, stormwater from approximately 40 acres has been collected and sent to three outfalls that drain through a channel and directly into the Willamette River between several of the neighbors’ properties. With no stormwater detention or treatment required at the time of construction, the stormwater found its own path to the river. Over time, the neighbors along the river noticed significant erosion occurring in the channel and on their property and it was becoming severe in some areas.  Once the City completed temporary repairs, the design team of AKS Engineering & Forestry (AKS), Shannon & Wilson, and SWCA Environmental were brought in to develop a permanent solution with the desire to complete all work in 2012.

Agency:  City of Wilsonville
Consultant:  AKS Engineering & Forestry, LLC
Contractor:  Elting Northwest Inc.

Learn more about this project by viewing the project application available in an Adobe Acrobat format here or the award presentation slides here

City of Wilsonville - Memorial Park Improvements- 2014 Project of Year - Less than $5M - Transportation

The City of Wilsonville’s Memorial Park Improvements project rejuvenated one of the City’s most important outdoor community spaces. The park is over 100 acres and provides close to one half mile of Willamette River access. Memorial Park is a vibrant center of activity for the community and draws regional club sports every year. In addition to being a sport and recreational hub, the park also serves as a main connection along the City’s trail system, which draws hundreds of walkers, runners and bicyclists every day.  One major deficiency of this crown jewel of the City’s park system was its parking lot. The parking lot pavement was failing, the layout didn’t have standard stall sizes, and the layout was confusing for drivers and pedestrians. The parking lot also lacked essential stormwater treatment and safe pedestrian access through the parking lot.

The pavement was deteriorating because it lacked an adequate asphalt and base section, compounded by poor subgrade material. Stormwater runoff within the parking lot did not drain properly and was in need of a storm conveyance and treatment system. The runoff generated from the parking lot sheds into a tributary of the Willamette River. The existing parking stalls were inadequately sized and could not fit medium sized or larger vehicles, resulting in most cars parking across two stalls. In addition, the layout of the parking lot required pedestrians to cross unsafely within vehicle travel lanes or across landscaping planters to access the park. These severe inadequacies prompted a much-needed upgrade of a heavily used parking lot at Memorial Park.

Agency:  City of Wilsonville
Consultant:  Wallis Engineering PLLC
Contractor:  Jeff Kersey Construction, Inc.

Learn more about this project by viewing the project application available in an Adobe Acrobat format here or the award presentation slides here

Washington County - Bethany Boulevard - 2014 Project of Year - $5M to less than $25 Million - Transportation

NW Bethany Boulevard is a north-south arterial that provides access between the rapidly expanding residential area north of Highway 26 and the mixed/office/commercial areas and high tech corridors south of the highway. The road has seen an increase in traffic over the last 25 years due to residential developments north of Highway 26 and is projected to see a continual increase in traffic with future development, including the North Bethany area. The recent capital project that improved Bethany Boulevard between NW Cornell Road and NW West Union Road addressed these existing and future capacity needs.

Agency:  Washington County
Consultants:  WHPacific, Inc.
      Parsons Brinckerhoff, Inc.
      Kittelson & Associates, Inc.
      DKS Associates Inc.
      Howell Consulting LLC
      JLA Public Involvement
Contractors:  Kerr Contractors, Inc.
      Oregon State Bridge Construction, Inc.

Learn more about this project by viewing the project application available in an Adobe Acrobat format here or the award presentation slides here


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