Gizmo Awards

Golden Knuckle Award (aka Gizmo)
"You pay to give it and not to get it!"

At the 1987 Spring Conference, Pat Napolitano, a past president (1985) presented to the then-President Hugh Kalani a big, rusty “hunk of iron” which was actually a part of a train-coupling mechanism that Pat had scrounged from the railroad yards near Hermiston. President Hugh embellished the award by adding steel wheels that came from an “antique” International truck.

The award was later named the “Golden Knuckle Award,” but it is best known by its nickname – The Gizmo. At every spring and fall conference, a “lucky” chapter member receives the Gizmo and adds his or her own embellishments to it. In 1993, Larry Rice, award recipient, requested that the chapter turn the award into a fundraiser for the Oregon APWA Education Foundation. Over the years it has raised more than $200,000 for scholarships.

The list of “winners” reads like a Who’s Who of chapter history, and the embellishments catalog 30 years of culture and 60 versions of personal taste.

At the center of the fundraiser concept is “you pay to give it and not to get it!”  There is a minimum contribution of $10 (included in conference registration). You get “points” depending on the level of your contribution The more dollars, the more points. You apply the points to the name(s) of the person(s) you want to receive the award. The person with the most points at the end of the conference takes home the award. In the event of a tie, the immediate past recipient will make the winning determination.

Fall 2020Shannon Williams
Fall 2019/Spring 2020Laurie AllenFace mask; ACMS sticker
Spring 2019Doug Singer2019 PWX T-shirt flag; PAWS stuffed animal
Fall 2018Fred WismerKittelson bike bell and wagon (Gizmo Jr.)
Spring 2018Dayna WebbOregon City trolley sign
Fall 2017Ashley CantlonSafety jacket
Spring 2017Ken StonemanLet 'er Buck saddle
Fall 2016Krey Younger"Krey"fish hat
Spring 2016Delora KerberCity of Wilsonville emergency kit
Fall 2015Jenifer WillerRed, white and blue star garland and City of Eugene sticker
Spring 2015Tony RoosYellow penalty flag and "Not Hazardous Waste" sticker
Fall 2014Nikki MessengerHashtag sign and metal letter hanging off a engineer's scale spelling out "Oregon APWA"
Old Gizmo and all its trappings "retired" in Pendleton; new Gizmo signals the start of a new era
Spring 2014Troy Bowers"Go Beavs" sign and cowboy hat
Fall 2013Gordon MunroAn OSU gnome
Spring 2013John LewisWagon bonnet and Oregon City pin
Fall 2012Nancy KraushaarCity of Wilsonville pen
Spring 2012Terry SongCal Poly Pomona golf balls
Fall 2011Mark SchoeningBike light with battery pack, handle bar tape and an odometer
Spring 2011Todd Watkins"No parking (except for Gizmo)" sign
Fall 2010Bob PattersonPendleton Rodeo centennial bumper sticker, "mophead" membrane
Spring 2010Les MillerBundle of sandbags different sizes and colors
Fall 2009Mike Bisset"Russ Thomas Was Here" baseball
Spring 2009Ron KampeHard hat with "embedded" Russ Thomas baseball
Fall 2008Paul ShireyMilwaukie street sign
Spring 2008Russ ThomasTwo deer decoy horns, 6 foot string of 2 buck chuck wine corks
Fall 2007Peggy KepplerMagic 8-ball
Spring 2007Lila BradleyTsunami siren, evacuation sign
Fall 2006Jim CarnahanFlashing traffic cone with DEA logo on the front light
Spring 2006Pete CapellA "Washington-ified" version of the aging Gizmo
Fall 2005Greg MillerUpdated Sprint cell phone service
Spring 2005Don Schut'For Sale' sign
Fall 2004Kurt CoreyMontana license plate
Spring 2004Gregg WestonHand-held calculator and metric conversion book
Fall 2003Ted KyleDrain and "s" trap
Spring 2003Rick OlsonConcrete cylinders
Fall 2002Dave HaskellGolf club
Spring 2002Terry ChamberlinBall cap
Fall 2001Stephanie ReidDownspout
Spring 2001Eric JonesLiberty Bell & bulldog cup cooler
Fall 2000Ron PolviStick horse with “call before you dig” bag
Spring 2000Gordon MersethHard hat
Fall 1999Mary MeloyPostcard of Central Oregon on a silver chain
Spring 1999Mike McKilipFishing net
Fall 1998Jerry OdmanCowboy safety boots
Spring 1998Paul KlopeElectric fan, metrification kit & umbrella lettering
Fall 1997Lance BurkeDignity, integrity & class
Spring 1997Les LyleWeather vane (“Winds of Change”)
Fall 1996Steve BakerMystery attachment
Spring 1996Dan Boss40 black balloons
Fall 1995Jeanne NyquistLife vest & flashing light
Spring 1995Lori Faha“Golden” storm drain stencil
Fall 1994Chris BowlesWater meter and faucet
Fall 1993Larry RiceSeat belt & Education Foundation Award Program
Spring 1993Brenda BrownHigh-tech Global Positioning System (GPS)
Fall 1992Gordon WyattNew rubber tires and wheels, umbrella & shades
Spring 1992Danna BarnhartTravel kit
Fall 1991Bill BlumBigfoot gas pedal
Fall 1990Dave VargasCellular phone & new corkscrew gearshift handle
Spring 1990Gene AppelFood tray & water bottle
Fall 1989Merle LangleyHorn
Fall 1988Bob AdamsJoggers light and APWA license plate
Spring 1988Pat NapolitanoTail light
Fall 1987Jeff BallardSeat
Spring 1987Hugh KalaniFerry trolley wheels, gear shift & braker lever


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